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Jetcare provides aircraft detailing at the highest level. Exterior-, interior- and brightwork detailing are examples of the services we can provide.

Whether your aircraft is a modern luxury jet, or a vintage piston pounder, Jetcare has the knowledge and state of the art, aviation certified, products to achieve the best possible result in every situation.

About Us

The company was founded with a single goal: to set a new - higher - standard in aircraft detailing. We do not compromise on quality, good is never good enough. Our dedicated staff consists solely of people with years of experience in (aircraft) detailing. They are all aviation enthusiasts and holders of a pilot’s licence.

We know that every aircraft needs a specific set of tools, products and techniques to get it in supreme condition. The services are always tailored to the project at hand, that way we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of aircraft detailing services, from polishing the complete exterior of a large business jet to a quick wash of a small single engine piston aircraft. We know every aircraft deserves to be treated with a great amount of passion, knowledge and precision. All treatments can be planned to fit in your schedule. If the plane spends more time in the air than on the ground, as it should, it could be a hassle to get a detailing job done. We get that. So if the plane is here on an overnight, we’ll work through the night, to have it at your disposal again when it’s supposed to be.

Possibilities are virtually endless. Pamper the aircraft’s exterior and interior for a (business)trip, prepare it for sale or give it that extra shine for a flight exhibition. Jetcare will provide the best treatment to achieve that much desired result.

Large Jet Take-off
“After these guys were done, my Falcon looked like it had rolled straight out of the factory. I've scheduled a bi-monthly appointment.”
— G.J.J. van Hoensbroeck

About Detailing your Aircraft

Exterior Detailing

The exterior of any plane has much to endure. Rain, ultraviolet radiation, varying temperatures and de-icing fluids are only a few influences on the paint- and brightwork condition. Everybody wants their aircraft to be protected against the elements as well as possible, but at the same time have that shiny, factory-new look. We don’t sacrifice one for the other. Jetcare can enhance the condition of the lacquer, make the brightwork shine like a mirror and protect it all with a durable layer. We use state of the art products, all certified for use in aviation, including paint- and brightwork sealant.

  • Examples
  • Washing and (heavy dirt) cleaning.
  • Paint polishing.
  • Paint sealing (to resist heat, prevent corrosion and repel rain).
  • Brightwork polishing (e.g. leading edges, intakes).
  • Brightwork sealing.

Interior Detailing

When you’re flying, you need the interior of the plane to be in mint condition. You want it to be as comfortable as it can be. Without proper care, that comfort can quickly vanish into thin air. We provide detailing for the flight deck, as well as the cabin and the baggage compartments. Everything is possible.

  • Examples
  • Carpet cleaning.
  • Leather scrub and conditioning.
  • Stain removal.
  • Wood polishing.
  • Flight instrument cleaning.

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